Giovedí 25 agosto ore 20.30
Basilica di Santa Maria della Passione

With the Voice of Melody


L’homme armé

Guillaume Dufay  

Kyrie (Missa L’homme armé)

Cristóbal de Morales  

Jubilate Deo

Orlando Gibbons  

O clap your hands together

Robert Ramsey  

Sleep fleshly birth

Nico Muhly  

Gentle Sleep

Thomas Tallis  

Gloria (Missa Puer Natus Est)

William Byrd  


Claudio Monteverdi  

O Jesu mea vita
Rutilante in nocte
Plagas Tuas

William Byrd  

Ecce Virgo concipiet

Thomas Tallis  

In Pace

Huw Watkins  
(1976- )

The Phoenix and the Turtle

Thomas Tomkins  

O Praise the Lord